State Sens. Jen Jordan, Elena Parent testify for grand jury investigating Trump, Rudy Giuliani, other allies

Two state lawmakers appeared before the Fulton County special grand jury investigating whether former President Donald Trump and his associates broke any laws in the wake of the 2020 election.

Sen. Jen Jordan, D-Atlanta, and Sen. Elena Parent, D-Atlanta, both testified Wednesday.

"This is about telling the truth, telling these folks who are serving what I saw, what I heard.  That's it," Sen. Jordan said a day before her testimony.

Jordan and Parent were both present when the then-president's attorney, Rudy Giuliani, falsely told members of a senate subcommittee at a December 2020 hearing that the election had been rife with fraud.

"It's your responsibility if a false and fraudulent count is submitted to the United States government, and it's clear that the count you have right now is false," Giuliani said.

He claimed that thousands of dead people had cast ballots, but the Georgia Secretary of State's Office found the number was only four.  

"It felt like it was just intended to kind of present one side in a way that looked 'official,'" said Sen. Jordan. "And I think that is the most disturbing is that the Senate — the body, right — and this subcommittee or the Judiciary Committee was basically used to stamp approval on these lies."  

Giuliani urged state lawmakers to call a special session and to select their own slate of electors to submit votes for President Trump.  

"Giuliani may be looking at serious criminal liability here because it's clearly a felony to make a false statement to Georgia officials in relation to their duties and just the fact that he's acting as the president's lawyer doesn't give him immunity from making statements he knows to be false," explained Clark Cunningham, a law professor at Georgia State University.

The special grand jury does not have the power to indict anyone, but simply make recommendations to the district attorney.