Stage changes & sparklers for Hillary's speech at the DNC

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On the eve of Hillary Clinton's address to the Democratic National Convention, part of the stage was removed to make room for VIP seating.

Workers started tearing down part of the stage late Wednesday night, and by the next morning a VIP section on each side of the stage was complete. These seats will likely be used for family and friends who have been sitting in the suites all week. On Thursday afternoon, a guard was standing next to the seats, making sure no one came in without clearance. 

Two additional podiums have also been added. Clinton will be the only one to use the center podium, while the rest of the speakers will use the ones to the right or left of center stage. 

On the floor, the delegates' seats were also rearranged, and certain chairs were given plastic placards in red, white or blue. The signs will likely be used later in the night, similar to fans in a Super Bowl stadium becoming part of the show during halftime. 

At around 3:00 p.m. crews were also testing large sparklers next to the stage. 

The main speaker on Thursday night will be Hillary Clinton, with her daughter Chelsea introducing her. Katie Perry will also be performing.