Social distancing solution: Roswell teacher's design has pending patent

When it comes to social distancing, there's only so much that can be done in a classroom. That's why a teacher in Roswell wanted to maximize that space.

Grey Eaton is used to working with his hands. He's now teaching others how to do it too at Eaton Academy.

"It's been a little interesting because you have to think outside the box," said Eaton.

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At his school, classroom sizes are small, and there isn't much room to social distance from the ground level. So, he started thinking about going up.

"I wanted to keep the openness in the classroom which was very important to allow the students to interact with each other," said Eaton.

Eaton called it the "Safely Social Station" which he created to maximize space inside the classroom while still maintaining six feet of social distancing.

"This concept allows us to have 25% more capacity in a classroom," described Eaton.


The students were at first hesitant about using the station, but that changed quickly.

"After a while, they got very used to it, and now it's hard to get them off," said Eaton.

Eaton has a patent pending for the project. He hopes other schools and offices can take advantage of the project too.

"If they could increase the classroom size without knocking out walls, they could get 25% more kids," said Eaton.

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