Skateboarders assaulted and robbed

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Two middle school boys said they were assaulted and robbed while riding their skateboards. Police said it happened in the Oakhurst community Tuesday afternoon.

Jason Mayer built a skateboard ramp in front of his home. He said a lot of the local skaters like to use it. Mayer said the middle school boys knocked on his door scared and upset saying they had just had their things stolen.

WATCH: Police are still searching for a second man who may have robbed skateboarding children

“They said two guys were walking down the street and saw them, and said ‘show me what tricks you can do’ and before he could do anything, the guy clocked him and knocked him on the ground,” said Mayer.

Decatur police said after one of the guys punched the 8th grader in the head, the other took his book bag. Police said when the boy reached for his phone to call for help, they took his phone too.

“The guy motioned like this as if he had a gun stuffed in his waist,” said Mayer.

The news rolled quickly through the Oakhurst community on social media. Neighbors checked their surveillance videos and were on the lookout for the crooks.

“Neighbors look out for each other, social media has really done a lot for us as far as keeping us together,” said Leslie Petosa who lives down the street.

With the help of vigilant and determined neighbors, police took 17-year old Brandon Gober into custody within 24 hours of the attack. Investigators are still looking for the other man.

Mayer said he was pleased the community quickly came together in force, but it was also a reality check for him.

“I have my kids out here skating with those kids all the time, and it opened my eyes, you can never get too comfortable, you've got to always be aware of your surroundings no matter where you are,” said Mayer.

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