Shootout on I-285 exit ramp during rush hour

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A shootout on Interstate 285 Tuesday evening during rush hour traffic remains under investigation.

The City of South Fulton Police said it happened between some teens selling water on the side of the road and a passing car. The shooting shut down the exit ramp of I-285 and a section of Cascade Road.

"I see the road is closed, and customers came and said what happened what happened?" said Kamal Ahmed who owns a gas station on Cascade Road. 

Witnesses told FOX 5 News they heard two shots then a series of quick shots. When it was over, one young man had been shot and was rushed to the hospital.  

Ahmed said most evenings there are teens at the intersection trying to make a few bucks by selling water. He said there are several groups of teens who like the same intersection to pick up some sales and there are often altercations between them. 

"There are no good relations with each other.  It's a problem among them, somebody became angry and shoot," said Ahmed.

Ahmed said he doesn't know the young man who was shot, he said he doesn't allow any of the boys who sell water to come into his store. 

"They are a very bad relationship with each other and when they come there is trouble in our store," said Ahmed.

Investigators said the young man who was shot was hit in the leg and was alert when taken to the hospital. No names or ages have been released. Police have not said if anyone was arrested for the shooting.