Shooting victim dies after running to Waffle House for help

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A man has died after a shooting in DeKalb County late Monday night. 

The victim was found before 11 p.m. Monday at a Waffle House on Columbia Drive, but police think he was shot somewhere else.

Investigators said the victim likely ran to the Waffle House looking for help. Paramedics rushed the man to the hospital in critical condition. He died early Tuesday morning. 

One witness said he heard the gunshots. He was sitting on a bench when about 10 shots were fired, followed by more rounds about 20 seconds later. 

He wasn't sure where the bullets were coming from but ducked to make sure he wasn't hit. By the time He looked back up, the victim was at the Waffle House. He said it was like the guy came out of nowhere.

Detectives combed the area for clues but haven't released any information about a possible motive or description of a suspect. 

Anyone with information about the crime is asked to call DeKalb County police.