Shepherd’s Men March weathers storm to help honor veterans, raise PTSD awareness

As the nation paused to remember those who had paid the ultimate sacrifice, one organization was also raising awareness about those who struggle once they come home.  

Dozens of active and veteran military personnel and civilian volunteers marched 12 miles through challenging weather Monday.  

"It was lightning and thunder, rain, cold, uncomfortableness, and turned out to be a beautiful day," said Justin Ezell, with Shepherd's Men.  

The march was a tribute to the brave souls who have served and sacrificed.  

It was also one of the many ways Shepherd's Men raise awareness for those in the military who struggle once they come home.   

"What we want to do is make sure they understand you're not alone, if you're struggling, there's a community out there who would love nothing more than to lift you up," said Travis Ellis, co-founder of Shepherd's Men.  

The organization raises money for the SHARE military initiative at Shepherd Center, which helps those with PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, and other unseen injuries of war.  

"It's a path to wellness, a life-saving program," said Ezell.  

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The Shepherd's Men march on Memorial Day was to raise funds and awareness for PTSD veterans on May 27, 2024.  (FOX 5)

Patrick M. has been in the U.S. Navy for more than 20 years. He's now being treated at the SHARE military initiative.  

"You can have pain, you can have emotional issues, you can have cognitive issues, and they are all tied into one another. That's what makes the SHARE program so great," said Patrick M.  

During the march, the group also carried a 160-pound keg of beer. Inside it, Clarity beer, a brew to help their cause.  

"The keg of beer is a great gesture from Reformation Brewery. They made a lager for Shepherd's Men that supports the SHARE military initiative," said Ezell. 

The march ended at Reformation Brewery in Woodstock. Clarity Lager was served, there was a BBQ and Kevin Kinney from Drivin N Cryin performed.