Severe weather causes delays for holiday travelers

Millions of travelers were impacted by flight delays and cancellations Sunday as severe weather hit parts of the east coast. 

According to Flight Aware, more than 7000 flights in the US were delayed on Sunday, while more than 870 were cancelled. 

As of Sunday evening, there were 423 delays leaving or coming into Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. 

Roddy McComber and his wife were one of the millions of travelers who experienced delays. 

The McCombers were delayed leaving Hartford, CT. They flew into Atlanta Sunday evening and plan on leaving for Hawaii Monday morning. 
“Snow coming down, white out conditions. They had to take and try to de-ice the plane. The deicer that they were using wasn’t able to keep up with it so they had to move us to another deicing area,” Roddy McComber said. 

They even took an earlier flight out make sure their trip to Hawaii wasn’t impacted by the snowstorm that was expected to hit. They were able to snag two of the last three seats left on the flight. 

“We thanked our lucky stars that we were able to get our when we could. Still a lot of people on standby in the lines that we’re not able to get out,” McComber said.