Search warrant executed at biker club

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Oconee Raid

A large group of law enforcement officers raided a home in Bishop in Oconee County Tuesday night.

Investigators came with search warrants in hand after multiple complaints about less than saintly activities at a club house for the Steel Horsemen Motorcycle Club.

"With the gunfire down here, the other noise complaints, the loud parties, you had the stabbing, a reported sexual assault. It snowballed to the point that it's time for us to take action," said Chief Deputy Lee Weems of the Oconee County Sheriff's Office.

He also said there also appeared to be illegal alcohol sales taking place at the clubhouse bar which was adorned with Nazi and Confederate flags.

Weems said Concerns about the clubhouse escalated after investigators learned of possible ties to the notorious Banditos Motorcycle Gang. That outlaw gang has multiple chapters across the nation and officers say some Banditos members out of Texas were even involved in a shootout at a Waco restaurant that left nine dead.

"New information tends to lead us to believe that they're associated with a group called the Banditos. Our information is this is what's called a support club," said Chief Deputy Weems.

FOX 5 has learned the motorcycle club moved into the home just south of Bishop about two years ago.

No arrests were made Tuesday evening since no one was at the home when Oconee County deputies, federal marshals, state revenue agents and Georgia state patrol troopers arrived.

But the investigation is on going.

"Evidence that we find here tonight combined with evidence from previous investigations may result in arrests warrants," said Chief Deputy Weems.

At around 10 p.m. Chief Deputy Weems said investigators discovered a small amount of narcotics, several hundred dollars cash and a ledger apparently of the illegal alcohol sales at the biker club house.