Routine traffic stop in Haralson County yields drug, gun bust

(Credit: Haralon County Sheriffs Office)

A Haralson County deputy who admittedly only stopped a man for driving without lights said he quickly recognized one of the passengers of the vehicle as a suspect with warrants out for his arrest. That simple traffic stop ended up yielding a drug bust Saturday night.

Deputy Jarrett Chandler saw the White Ford without taillights traveling along Steadman Church Road and performed the stop just after 1 a.m.

While the driver revealed he knew his lights were out, the deputy realized he knew another man in the vehicle and called for backup.

A second deputy came to the scene to have the driver, the known passenger and a third person get out of the car while their information was being run.

An active warrant came back for 19-year-old Kameron Todd Brock of Tallapoosa who was instantly detained. He was pat down, revealing a firearm and a baggie with a crushed substance that Brock identified as Xanax. He was charged with possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, violation of the Georgia Controlled Substace Act (VGCSA) and possession of schedule 4 drugs and pills not in their original container.

Inside the car, deputies found two other guns and a clear pipe that appeared to have something burnt inside of it.

All three individuals denied ownership of the two guns, but 22-year-old female passenger, Ashlyn Marie Bolin from Tallapoosa claimed ownership of the pipe that she said was used for meth. She was charged with possession of drug-related objects.

The driver was issued a citation for the taillight.