Roswell Bans E-Cigarettes in Public Parks

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In a 4-1 decision Wednesday night, Roswell City Council members decided to ban electronic cigarettes from the city's public parks. The devices are now added to a list of prohibited items that already include all tobacco products and traditional cigarettes.

Council Member Becky Wynn was the only vote against the proposal. She says e-cigarettes can be a useful tool in helping a person to quit smoking, telling Fox 5 she doesn't like the idea of preventing someone from working towards better health.

The city's Parks and Recreation Department says the new policy is in keeping with that of the National Parks Service, which also recently banned the use of e-cigarettes.

Prior to the vote, local reaction to the idea in area parks was mixed.

"Banning e-cigarettes, I don't see how that makes a difference," said a man named Taylor who says he comes to the park often. He says he is a traditional cigarette smoker and understands that ban, but thinks banning e-cigarettes is going too far.

Others, like Judy Kennesy, say the ban is important to keep kids healthy.

"I think it still continues to be an influence on these young boys and teenagers...they don't think about the health issues at their ages," said Kennesy.

The ban becomes effective immediately.