Robbing Crew Takes Man's Pants

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It was a terrifying ordeal for a couple of men who were robbed when they were walking home late from work. Gwinnett County police said one of the victim's had his pants taken. It happened in the parking lot of the Gwinnett Station Apartments in Norcross in October.

One of the victims, 28-year-old Alfredo Salazar said he and his friend were approached from behind in the parking lot. He said two men pulled weapons, and one of them held a gun to his head as he handed over his wallet and cell phone.

Afterwards, Salazar said the man pistol-whipped his friend and then forced him to step out of his pants.

That is when Salazar said he and his friend, who was still in his underwear, ran to a nearby QuickTrip on Old Norcross-Tucker Road where earlier they'd seen a police officer.

Police said they identified one of the two men as 27-year-old Arquial Dotson of Norcross. Police told FOX 5 they obtained a surveillance photo of Dotson from the company which operates Eco-ATM's. They are kiosks where you can sell your cell phones or computer tablets.

A company spokesman told FOX 5 less than 1%of the phones collected at ECO-ATM's have been reported stolen. And, that in that rare case, the company provides law enforcement with information and evidence to prosecute individuals and have the property returned to the victims.