Robbers target residents, drivers outside homes

DeKalb and Atlanta Police are after robbers targeting neighbors leaving or coming home in their cars late at night.

Authorities in the departments have documented at least three incident reports in the East Atlanta and Southeast Atlanta areas. All incidents involved robbers ambushing drivers leaving their home and getting into a car in their driveway, or attempting to rob them as they arrived home.

The East Atlanta Security Patrol has documented other incidents not recorded by the police departments, finding at least four of these types of robberies or attempts since Sept. 10. 

"As soon as he got out of the driveway-- there were three guys with guns," said Justin Rovichaud, whose roommate was ambushed outside their Boulevard Heights home. Atlanta Police said the robbers made off with the victim's vehicle.

Another neighbor in Ormewood Park tells FOX 5 an armed robber quickly ambushed a cab driver, as the vehicle dropped them off outside their home. The East Atlanta Security Patrol alerted FOX 5 to this robbery attempt.

"It was obvious this was a planned ambush," says witness Kevin Creel, who quickly ran inside after seeing the gunman; the cab driver sped off and fled the area.

Atlanta Police believe the robbers wait for victims to come home or leave their homes late at night, and wait in parked cars on streets; DeKalb Police believe these criminals may cruise the area until they spot a target.

Atlanta officers tell FOX 5 they have stepped up undercover patrols, with officers walking streets in plain clothes to target these robbers. Police said they made one arrest in a robbery attempt.