Retirees headed back to work in large numbers

We've heard about "The Great Resignation." In March, $4.5 million people quit their jobs. But this also means openings for the already-retired age group. 

A recent study by Magnify Money says the 65-and-older set has decided to get back to work. Some out of necessity and some because they just want to have something to do. The market is ripe for a return to the workplace. Wages are higher. Which means, it could be worth your while. Employers are desperate for employees, so you might be just what they're looking for. And, working from home is how we are working these days. And that, if you're a retiree, might suit you best.

Matt Schulz, the chief credit analyst with Lending Tree breaks down their Magnify Money survey.

"The idea of the traditional retirement that my dad and my granddad had, where you just sit back and collect a pension and all is well, isn't a reality for a large majority of Americans anymore. A whole lot of older Americans are going back to work, and Georgia was one of the places that had the biggest increase," he said. 

Let's look at Georgia in context of what's happening nationwide. Nationally, retirees heading back to the workforce jumped two percent over the pandemic to almost 22 percent now of retirees reentering the work force. But look at this: In Georgia 27 percent of older people - that's 65 and older - are working. In New Jersey where you saw one of the greatest pandemic death tolls, going back to work after retirement age spiked to 37 percent.

So what do you do with this information? If you are thinking about it, for whatever reason, the time is right. Maybe you can consult a bit bouncing off of what you did in your career. Maybe you want just some extra money but no hassle like the coffee shop, the golf course, or the auto parts store. Something that interests you.

Here's a tip from AARP - age proof that resume. Stick to your last jobs. If you're 67 there is less need to put your gradation dates, or GPA. Put your job experience because that's what you're selling.