Recording fights and posting on soial media

More and more fights are being videotaped and are showing up on social media. In many cases, it has led to serious injuries and arrests. After three Decatur High School students landed in jail last month after a videotaped fight, it was one of the topics raised at a meeting Monday night where parents met to discuss teens and risky behaviors.

Decatur Police Deputy Chief Keith Lee told the crowd “The risks our children face today and exponentially harder than we had.” He said much of that has to do with social media. “Every action that you take or your child takes is subject to being broadcast on social media,” said Lee.

“It is overwhelming because I try to understand,” said Reynolds Delisle who has two children at Decatur High School.

She said her children have always been a step ahead of her when it comes to social media. As for all the videos of fights, she doesn't understand why kids record the brawls instead of doing something to stop them.

Superintendent Dr. David Dude said it's happening across the country.

“We've seen trends around the country where people will purposely put things on social media to get attention or stir things up.

Carson Stuckman is a senior at Decatur High School. He said it's not uncommon to see kids whip out their phones when a fight breaks out.

“Absolutely, that's a bigger priority than telling people to stop fighting,” said Carson.

School officials said they're well aware of fights being videotaped. Parents decided to set up a Decatur Parents Network. They said it's a way to exchange information and ideas to stay on top of social media as well as other risky behaviors that their teens may be involved with including alcohol and drugs.