Rainbow crosswalks project underway in Midtown Atlanta

For more than a year, Robert Sepulveda Jr. has been in planning mode. His vision: to bring a bold statement of gay pride to the streets of Midtown. Literally.

His project is known as 'Atlanta Rainbow Crosswalks'. The plan would bring bright pained crosswalks to the area of 10th St. & Piedmont Ave. The area is home to several gay owned-and-operated businesses.  In his Facebook page for the plan, Robert refers to the concept as '"Symbols of acceptance, unity and tolerance that represent the diversity of the LGBT community". Similar crosswalks have also been established in other cities, he adds.

In an update posted about the project, Sepulveda noted: "I contacted the city of Atlanta last year with a proposal about installing The Rainbow Crosswalks at the 10th St. & Piedmont Ave location in Midtown, Atlanta before PRIDE Atlanta 2014, that obviously came and went. There have been many hurdles and as you can imagine lots of red tape and city bureaucracy, but alas we are only 1 meeting away with The City Of Atlanta's Urban Design Commission for this project to be completely approved! The city wants this to be a PERMANENT part of the city's art collection. We will also be teaming up with Joining Hearts Atlanta to expand the potential reach of this project and its benefits" he said.

"This project has been a personal mission of passion for me. I haven't stopped championing for this project to come to fruition and I wont stop until paint hits ground. I want to thank everyone that has seen the positive potential these crosswalks will have on our community, not only for the people living in Atlanta, but the many visitors that will cross over them. We will be joining a group of world class cities that have already implemented these crosswalks. These crosswalks have also demonstrated significant economic, social and cultural benefits. The 10th St. & Piedmont Ave. intersection has long been the epicenter of the LGBT community in Atlanta. These are not just crosswalks, but a symbol of acceptance, unity and tolerance and reminds us all of how diverse our community is. It’s a very small gesture with a very large effect and is a clear message that the LGBT community is welcome and safe in this city" Sepulveda added.

After months of meetings with the City Of Atlanta, Sepulveda believes he is close to having the concept become a reality. He says a meeting slated for early August, will be a deciding factor in the project.

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Editor's Note: This article was amended July 28, to more closely identify the project designer and artist renderings. Additional content was provided for the revision of the article.