Quiktrip hires security at some stations to combat 'sliders'

Some South Fulton county residents get an early Christmas gift from QuikTrip.

The nationwide gasoline chain has agreed to hire armed police officers at two south Fulton County locations. The Fulton Industrial Boulevard store and the Union City Store on Hwy 138 will now have armed security guards beginning Thursday.

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The enhanced security is due in part to the grassroots effort of some south Fulton County residents who formed an anti-crime task force back in October. They have written dozens of emails, met with police and even threatened a boycott of the gas stations that won’t address the crime issue.

“Our next step was to launch a stay away boycott; however, Fulton PD called us yesterday and said QT would hire armed police officers not only for this location, but the location in Union City,” organizer Helen Willis said.

The group had demanded QT add armed police officers to their security plan after documenting 47 crimes of burglary, robbery, motor vehicle thefts and thefts from motor vehicles.

Mike Thornbrogh of QT said the company monitors all of its gas stations around the clock and can even hear what is going on inside the stations.

South Fulton County residents said with this added security they hope robbers and sliders find somewhere else to go.

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