Prowlers heard caught discussing breaking into Kirkwood home

Two men can be seen on a woman’s front porch discussing how to best to break into a woman’s home and what was of value inside.

It happened in the Kirkwood neighborhood. Three separate clips were shared by the homeowner from the Ring security camera.

The first the two can be heard peering into the window of the front door. The TV caught their attention.

The next one shows one of the men approaching the door and knocking to see if anyone responds.

The third video shows the man opening a package that was on the front porch. They opened it but didn’t like what was inside.

That’s how the woman was first alerted to the theft was the opened and empty package on the porch.

When she checked her camera, she saw the two potential burglars.

Thankfully, the woman said she has not seen or heard from the would-be thieves since.