Prosecutors: Case against suspected Clayton County rapist can go to trial by April

Prosecutors in Clayton County believe they will be ready for trial in the case against an accused serial rapist by April.

Kenneth Bowen was arrested in August for multiple rapes and sexual battery. He faces a 60-count indictment but he didn’t appear in court during his arraignment hearing.

Two women who claim he sexually assaulted them were in court for Friday's arraignment hearing. They spoke with reporters and gave FOX 5 News permission to show them on camera. They said he hurt a lot of people.

"I'm just glad he's charged with rape. That's good for me because I need to address him on that subject," one of the women told reporters.

The women are eager to face Bowen in court. After years of torment, the women said they hope they'll finally get justice. They want the opportunity to let Bowen know how he's impacted their lives.

"To see a person who has done a lot of tormenting a lot of wrong get put away for a very long time."

"As long as I get to say that like when we get to do the victim impact statement, as long as I get to say that's good for me."

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Police said they were able to tie Bowen to the case after a “suspicious person” call to 911 here Bowen’s name surfaced. Detectives said they then took a look at the former police recruit’s social media photos which investigators said were close matches to the sketches put together by a GBI forensic artist with the help of the victims.

After a warrant was served, police said the 24-year-old’s DNA match the DNA in the cases.

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Most of the attacks happened within a two-mile radius of Bowen’s home, police said, with the first one dating back to 2015.

Detectives said in each case, the woman's cell phone was taken so she couldn't call for help. Some of the women had children in their homes and even in their beds during the assaults. One victim, police said, was 9 months pregnant and complied because she didn't want her baby harmed.

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