Principal transform home into tiny winter wonderland

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A Utah principal has redefined what it means to deck the halls.

Rodney Shaw spent weeks putting up his annual Christmas decorations and transforming his home into a winter wonderland.

Shaw has 14 Christmas trees, each with a different theme – from gingerbread and candy to snowmen.

He even turned his entire living room into a Christmas village.

The scene captures his own childhood nostalgia from watching his aunt decorate for Christmas.

"She had a little village I would just sit and stare, I would just sit and stare, make believe I was there that was my house, my town," Shaw said. "And so, I fell in love with Christmas." 

While the Christmas village is pretty much as big as it can get, Rodney does plan to switch up the theme of the trees.

That means he'll create a few new collections in the next few years.