Mayor Andre Dickens concerned about community impact after crane truck incident at Publix

A portion of the parking garage for a Publix store in Summerhill, which opened on June 21, collapsed early Saturday morning around 7 a.m.

The store is located on Hank Aaron Drive SE.

It appears the incident occurred because the crane truck exceeded the weight limit for the garage. Officials say signage was posted in the area that listed the weight limit. 

The store had to be closed because of the incident. 

Georgia State University Junior Kameron Wells says he shops at the store almost every day.

 "We can't eat because I was walking across the street to get food every day. So now, we're starving, but we're going to find a way," Wells said.

He says there really are no other good options for fresh food nearby.

"The nearest grocery store is like 10 minutes away. So, we have to like take Ubers or, you know, if we don't have a car, we have to drive scooters," Wells said.

Morehouse College Senior Kingston Washington feels Wells' pain. He says he lives right across from the store.   

"I actually just wrecked my car not too long ago. So I've been relying on this grocery store. So it's pretty inconvenient, I need them to get back open," Washington said.

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Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens issued the following statement Monday morning, saying he's concerned about impact on the community:

"Our Administration is concerned about the impact this incident will have on the safety and access to food and pharmacy services in this community.

"Assessments and inspections by multiple parties are underway with more to come over the coming days.

"While there is no exact timeline for full resolution, I have been told several options for full or partial re-opening of the store and parking garage are under review by the companies involved and relevant government agencies.

"Again, our Administration takes this matter very seriously and the City will provide more updates as they become available."

These college students say the sooner this Publix can open back up the better.

Branch Properties sent the following statement:

"We are aware of this situation and are currently working with appropriate authorities as they investigate the incident. Authorities were immediately notified at the time of the incident.  As of now, it appears that an unauthorized person unaffiliated with ownership drove a crane truck onto the upper level of the deck past the weight-limit warning signs. The parking deck was constructed to the highest levels of safety, and repairs will begin soon so as not to disrupt shoppers further."