Porch pirates pranked with dog poo package

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Heather Feurbach has had enough of some package thieves' crap.

The Florida woman was irritated when someone stole a package from her front door.

But the second time it happened is when she got really fed up.

That's when she decided to set a trap for these package thieves.

She just needed some help from her boxer dog Maxwell.

Feurbach let Maxwell make a mess, which she promptly packaged like a prize and left right on her front door.

"I filled a week's worth of dog poop in a nice Amazon package for him to pick up," she said.

And someone fell for it.

"That definitely was enjoyable, knowing that I guess my payback prank worked," she said,

Feurbach hopes whoever got that stinky surprise also got the message.

And she says she's an avid online shopper who hasn't gotten another package stolen since.

So possibly a lesson learned? We can only hope.

FOX 5 News reporting from Atlanta