DeKalb County homeowner fears retaliation from neighbor arrested for terroristic threats

A DeKalb County man has some explaining to do after being accused of making terroristic threats against his next-door neighbor. Willie Perriman was arrested early Monday morning in the Poplar Springs Heights subdivision in Decatur.

Home surveillance video shows DeKalb County police walk out of a home along Patti Parkway with a man who appears to have his hands behind his back. They placed him in a patrol car.

DeKalb County jail records show Willie Perriman was booked early Monday morning.

According to jail records, he was charged with making terroristic threats on Aug. 8, and criminal trespass on Aug. 9.

"I still worry about my safety," said the next-door neighbor who asked to remain anonymous. He said Perriman made threats against him earlier this month.

"He said he was going to set a bomb over here, off on my home," the homeowner said.

The neighbor shared a video with FOX 5. It shows a man who appears to threaten to shoot as contractors work on the neighbor’s home. Then he appears to make the bomb threat: "Go over there and shoot the [sic]. Set a bomb over there on his [sic]."

"Fear," the homeowner said when asked if how he felt after the incident. "Fear I could lose my life."

On Aug. 9, Perriman removed flags marking the property line, cut the homeowner’s grass without permission and damaged rebar on his property, according to a report from DeKalb County police.

"You are on high alert 24/7. And it is very concerning and very uncomfortable," the homeowner said.

Jail records show Perriman bonded out Monday night.

"Absolutely I fear retribution," the homeowner said.

Back in February, FOX 5 reported on an attempted home invasion at the same property owner’s house. It isn’t clear exactly who was connected with that incident. But, the homeowner said he took out a protection order against Perriman, and now lives in constant fear.

"No threat is empty. If he says he’s capable of taking action on that threat, then he may," the homeowner said.