Police warn crooks are targeting mailboxes

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Johns Creek Police fear two men could be looking to rip off resident’s mail.

Last Wednesday, management at the Avonlea on the River apartment complex, noticed the mailboxes were open.

Surveillance footage captured two thieves walking near the mailboxes minutes before police said they broke into many mailboxes.

"They shifted the camera so we don't know how many mailboxes were compromised," Johns Creek Police Captain Chris Byers said. "People don't know their victims often times until much later."

Captain Byers said the scary part is detectives aren't sure how the thieves got in.

"There was very little damage and you'd typically see some in cases like this," Byers said.

According to police, the postal worker responsible for the complex speculated that the thieves may have gotten access to a mailman's key.

"We have not had that confirmed yet but it is something we are looking into," Byers said. "The mailman told us that their keys have access to every apartment's mailbox in Johns Creek and Duluth."

The thieves are currently facing criminal trespassing charges, but Captain Byers said as victims come forward, more charges may as well.