Police: Split-second action prevent shooting

Dramatic body camera video from Marietta shows the split-second moment where police helped avoid a potentially deadly situation.

Police say a violent felon pulled a gun on one cop. Within seconds, a second officer took him down.

Officials say their training an experience on the force kicked in to help them stop the moment become possibly deadly.

Marietta police say they take their officers through many different scenarios. This is one of those cases where everything clicked, they said.

In the body camera footage, the confrontation and take down happen all in under 11 seconds..

The incident happened early Saturday morning after a woman called police about a suspicious man who parked his truck on her lawn.

"She said somebody at 6:30 in the morning was tapping on her door lightly," neighbor Brad Teague said.

Police approached the man just down the road near a school.

In the video you see the man take off running with the officer chasing after him.

"He squares off, turns, draws a weapon he has at his side," Marietta Police Officer Chuck McPhilamy said.

At that moment as the man is focused on the officer, a second officer comes from the side, takes him, and kicks the gun out of his reach.

Together they hold him down and cuff him.

The arrested man, Josiah Moorehou, has prior felonies, including violence toward officers, police say.

In a year where there have already been almost 50 officer-involved shootings in Georgia, police and neighbors say the actions of Officer Maria Funes and Officer Rocky Ellenson is commended.