Police seek to identify woman's body left found in front yard

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A woman’s body was found inside a storage bin that was dumped in the front yard of a Lawrenceville home Thursday afternoon. Sharron Hammock won’t soon forget the awfully sight.

“I didn’t get close enough, but you could tell it was a body," said Ms. Hammock.

Her 911 call brought homicide investigators to the front of her mother's home, located in the in the 800 block of James Road. That’s where Gwinnett County Police confirmed her observation. Someone stuffed a woman’s body into a blue laundry-sized storage bin.

“We believe that the decedent is a black female. The beginning signs of decomposition are present however we don't have an age range at this time,” said Cpl. Deon Washington, Gwinnett County Police Department.

VIDEO REPORT: Body found in storage bin

He said the medical examiner's office will determine the manner and cause of death.

“It was shocking, surprised! You wouldn’t think of something like this happening and it’s like right in plain sight you know,” said Ms. Hammock.

Investigators said they don’t believe there is any relationship between the woman in the bin and anyone in the neighborhood.

Police believe the bin, which was discovered around 1 p.m. Thursday, was deliberately left there.

“We don’t believe that the body has been at this location any more than 24 hours. It’s our understanding that the homeowners did not see the bib in their front yesterday,” said Cpl. Washington.

He said there were no obvious signs of trauma, like a gunshot wound, on the woman’s body and there were some signs of decomposition showing.

Cpl. Washington said the first priority is identifying the woman and finding her family.

“From there detectives will work backwards to figure out exactly why she ended up here at this location,” said Cpl. Washington.

Sharron Hammock can’t help but wonder what led to the awful situation.

“No matter if you’re like in a bad situation, doing something bad you shouldn’t, it’s still a person it’s somebody’s family member,” said Ms. Hammock.

Gwinnett County police ask anyone with any information on their case to call their department.

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