Police search for men involved in violent armed robbery at Roswell auto parts store

Roswell police are looking for two armed robbers who held up the AutoZone on Holcomb Bridge Road just before 6 p.m. Tuesday evening.

Public Information Officer Sean Thompson told FOX 5's Deidra Dukes that the store was open for business when two masked men walked in brandishing pistols, "They demanded everybody get on the ground and demanded they retrieve money from the registers and the safe in the back of the business."

Employees handed over cash from the registers, but one of the gunmen became enraged when workers couldn't open the safe.

Officer Thompson said, "There was a delay in the timing of the locking mechanism for the safe, and one of the suspects became irritated that it was taking so long, and actually struck one of the employees in the head multiple times with the pistol."

The suspects fled before police arrived. The gunmen are described as two black males, wearing all black clothing and medical masks, the same type of masks used by medical staff, first responders and others on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Medical personnel, especially first responders, even if it's not an N-95 mask, they need some type of mask when they are out in the field.  The medical providers especially they are short on just basic masks which can help prevent them from getting sick."

The store employee who was pistol-whipped suffered blunt force trauma and is recovering from an eye injury.

The suspects made off with over $600.

Anyone with information in the case can contact Roswell Police.