Police search for armed robbery suspect in Conyers

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Police are searching for three suspects that robbed a gas station with handguns. Surveillance video captured Thursday’s armed robbery which happened at the QuikTrip off Klondike Road in Conyers.

The surveillance video showed the thieves wearing dark, hooded jackets with white surgical masks. When they entered the store, two of the suspects went for the checkout while the other stood guarding the door, holding a silver handgun.

Police said the footage showed one of the robbers pull a gun out on the clerk and direct him towards the cash register while his acquaintance scrambled through the desk drawers. When the employee got all the cash out of the register and handed it the armed thief, all three of the suspects fled the store on foot.

Customers were held inside at the time of the robbery, but no one was harmed, according to police.

Any information leading to the arrest of these suspects should be sent to Atlanta Crime Stoppers.