Police: Man tries to make off with police bike at airport

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Atlanta’s airport police get a call they never expected. Citizens see a man walking out of the terminal with a police bike. That bike has blue lights, siren, everything needed for an emergency stop.

Officers stopped the man, identified as Joshua Davis, and took him to jail.

Airport police use the bikes to quickly move to calls as well as patrol inside the facility. Those same bikes are used in Atlanta neighborhoods and the BeltLine.

A law enforcement trainer sounds a word of caution. Charles Rambo said he fears what might have happened if the man had gotten the bike off airport grounds.

Rambo worries stolen law enforcement gear can be used by impostors who want to pretend to be cops.

The bike that was taken had a wrap bike lock that would not be difficult to cut. Other bikes accessible to the public have no lock at all and could be rolled right outside the terminal.

Security arrangements vary around the airport. Atlanta operates a precinct on the international side. There is coverage over there for police bikes.