Police: Man fires 19 times; officers end standoff without a single shot

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Police have identified a man arrested after officers said he fired 19 rounds at them before barricading himself inside a hotel. Clayton County Police was able to end the situation peacefully without an officer firing a single shot of their own.

The suspect has been identified as Timothy Randall Monroe.

The incident started at 9:20 a.m. Tuesday when police officers doing surveillance noticed a car stolen out of Texas at the Southside Inn located at 6370 Old Dixie Highway.

Information led them to Monroe’s room, but he did not come out.

"We made contact with him through the front glass of the window of his room and that's when our negotiations began with him. At that point, he didn’t want to come out. He stated to us he wouldn't come out. We saw two handguns in his possession, at that point, so that’s when we began all these l lengthy negotiations," said Clayton County Police Chief Joseph Woodall.

Chief Woodall said the Monroe was alone in the room. They evacuated the hotel and began the discussions.

James Cunningham woke up Tuesday morning to find himself in the middle of a crime scene.

“[Police were] already in the parking lot telling people to move to the other side of the hotel," said Cunningham.

Police then Monroe just started shooting, 19 shots in all.

"We did see a bullet ricochet off a tree, that's when we walked over here," said Cunningham.

"Was irrational, didn't want to come out," said Chief Woodall.

But officers held back. Chief Woodall said his SWAT team used great restraint in not shooting back. Over the course of this standoff, the chief said the suspect fired a number of rounds, one of which hit a police car, another hit a police robot.

They shot gas into the room, multiple times, but it didn't work right away.

Shortly after 2 p.m., the SWAT team had Monroe in cuffs. Woodall said they did have to use a stun gun on him to get him in custody. EMTs checked Monroe out before an officer placed him in the back of the patrol car.

Chief Woodall said it is his SWAT that deserves credit for this peaceful end.

"Very proud of them today," the chief said.

For Cunningham and dozens of other onlookers who sat outside the complex for five hours, it's not something they will forget.

"It's not something that happens every day. It's crazy," said Cunningham.

News Radio 106.7’s Christy Hutchings learned that during the lengthy standoff, the suspect tried to go live using Periscope, but the connection failed.

Police have not yet released Monroe's charges.