Police, citizens work together to nab suspected mail thief

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Police and citizens worked together to help catch a mail thief. Police said they caught him in Alpharetta's Windward area,

It started after a man had his mail and packages stolen, but was able to get a picture of the suspect. He turned that over to police which gave them a jump start on the case.

Police bumped up patrols in the neighborhood and quickly got another hit. A neighbor reported seeing a man going through mailboxes. Police who were already in the neighborhood stopped him and they said he had stolen items on him. Items which include a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes a homeowner had left outside for postal pickup

Police identify the man as Jonathon Genetelli. He was charged with criminal trespass.

Police said they have been able to link him to five additional mail crimes in Windward area.

How the man gained access to those gated neighborhoods is still not known.