Police: Cats rescued from unhealthy conditions in Clayton Co. home

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Photo courtesy: Clayton Co. Police Department

Animal control officers rescued nearly a dozen cats from a home on Parkside Drive in Clayton County Tuesday, according to police. Officers first went to the home Monday after neighbors called to report a foul odor coming from the home.

Police said they found an elderly woman living in what police described as "disarray". Officers said the house was filled with an overwhelming odor of ammonia and decay from animal waste.

Police said they convinced the woman to go to the hospital for a medical evaluation. Animal control officers were called to remove the cats from the home, but could not enter because of what police described as the "hazardous conditions" inside.

Animal control officers returned Tuesday with oxygen tanks and protective suits. They were then able to enter the home and remove the animals. Two cats escaped, and ten others were taken to Clayton County Animal Control.

Officers said all of the cats removed from the home are in need of veterinary care that will only be possible if they are rescued from the shelter. Rescue groups interested in helping the cats should contact Clayton County Animal Control at (770) 477-3509.