'Please contact Union City': Mother urges witnesses, gunman to come forward in son's 2019 murder

A 19-year-old is gunned down as he walked home from a nearby store. 

More than two years later, loved ones said Union City police are still looking for his killer. 

Ujima Rhodes hoped her son's killer would be in jail by now but two years after he was shot to death near their home, the 19-year-old's family is still asking for witnesses or the gunman to come forward. 

"Really, really not in the holiday spirit at all," Rhodes explained. 


For the family of Dominique Holt, what should be the most joyous time of the year is overshadowed by a lingering heartbreak. 

"Right now, I would at least though they had a suspect," she told us.

For two long years now, the 19-year-old's family has been left to question how and why his body ended up on this sidewalk on High Point Road in 2019.

This is Stonewall Drive. 

"Honestly, I don't think I am able to move forward. It still feels like the same day that I got the news to me," Rhodes said. 

Investigators said Holt was killed while walking home from a neighborhood store.

During their initial investigation, police said they believe Holt was targeted but did not know why.

The family told me it's frustrating knowing there have been major leads or developments in this case.

"The last time I spoke with someone from Union City was back early October or late September. I gave them some information. My daughter has called to give some information. It's like nothing. It's like a hush, hush case," Rhodes explained. 

A case that won't bring Rhodes closure if solved but will hopefully ease some pain as now all she's left with is "what-ifs" about a life gone too soon. 

"His main thing was becoming self-sufficient and self-employed. He wanted to work in his own business," she detailed. 

If you know anything about Holt's case, call Union City police or Crime Stoppers.