Pike Nurseries gives tips on which trees and shrubs to plant in the Fall climate

Pike Nurseries gives tips on plants and shrubs during Fall weather

Fall brings on vibrant colors and cooler weather in nature's landscape. That means it's a great time to get tips on the right trees and shrubs to make the most of the season.

Rebecca Kunimoto of Pike Nurseries stopped by Fox 5 Atlanta to share some of the top trees and shrub that thrive in our Georgia climate.

Below is a list of plants and shrubs that are great for Fall in Georgia.


  • Year-round deep burgundy foliage (Also green and variegated options)
  • Bright pink, red or white fringy flowers bloom in spring
  • Lots of varieties with different mature sizes to fit any yard
  • Evergreen
  • Adaptable – full sun to partial shade

Southern Living Nandinas

  • A series of 4 varieties with different colors – from dark red to pink to bright yellow-green
  • Sterile – produces very little to no berries
  • Non-spreading/non-invasive – so they won’t take over your yard like older species
  • Evergreen
  • Adaptable - Full sun to partial shade

Japanese Maples

  • Don’t have room for a full-sized tree? Choose a dwarf variety & still enjoy these beautiful plants!
  • Deeply serrated foliage adds texture PLUS gorgeous color
  • Bright reds to dark purples, or green varieties as well
  • Deciduous

Burning Bush

  • Foliage is green in spring & summer, then turns intense scarlet red in fall
  • Deciduous
  • Full sun

Blueberry bushes

  • Deciduous; leaves change to pretty yellow/orange in autumn
  • In winter, bark has a cinnamon color for added interest
  • In spring, little flowers
  • In summer, delicious berries
  • Cross pollinate for the best harvest; you’ll need to plant 2 or more varieties
  • Need full sun


  • Evergreen
  • Foliage is variegated with bright greens and yellows
  • Stems are red
  • Has little white blooms summer thru early fall
  • Compact, low growing – good for patio containers or mass planting
  • Full to part sun
  • Deer resistant

Oakleaf Hydrangeas

  • Deciduous
  • Named for the shape of their leaves
  • Foliage has great red, orange and purple hues in the fall
  • Added bonus of large cones of white blooms in spring
  • Native to the southeast
  • Partial shade


  • Deciduous
  • Foliage turns bright yellow in fall
  • Clusters of bright purple berries make this plant really stand out in fall/early winter
  • Native
  • Great food source to attract birds
  • Partial shade