Peak times to get a traffic ticket

Any speeders out there? Well, if that's you, there are days you are more likely to get ticketed.

Each year we have about a 16 percent chance of getting a traffic ticket, according to some new data crunched by the legal group Avvo. And their reserach shows that each year it gets higher - 48 percent chance in a three-year period. AAlthough if you're younger or drink and drive, it's higher. But that's not most of us.

But here's the burning question they ask and get answered, 'Do police issue more tickets at the end of the month?' The answer is.....yes! 

The Avvo study looked at more than a year's worth of tickets and found the last four days of the month are big ticketing days. But before you say - aha! I knew! - the first day of the month is big, as well.

But there's more. You are more likely to get a ticket on Monday and Tuesday between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. That fits the bill for many of us who struggle to get the week started. But this is most interesting, I think, Thursday and Friday fewer tickets are written.

So if it's Monday and you are having a rough go of it, think about this and know that speeding is the  number one type of ticket written. And they can be pretty expensive.

Oh, what day of the month are the fewest tickets issued? Day 10. Be safe out there.