PCSO: Video shows deputy slapping inmate

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Courtesy PCSO

A Pasco County detention deputy herself was arrested Tuesday, one day after being caught on surveillance video slapping an inmate.  The sheriff's office says Cpl. Leann Hindman, 47, was charged with battery after the incident, which happened Monday. 

According to the arrest report, Hindman handcuffed an inmate who had thrown water on her, then forced her into a chair.  The footage then shows Hindman slap the inmate across the face as another deputy approaches.

"The inmate was complying but said something to [Hindman]," the affidavit states.  "[Hindman] leaned in and slapped the inmate across the face with an open palm hand."

Hindman later told investigators that she slapped the inmate because the inmate pinched her as she was being handcuffed, but after reviewing the video, they say her timeline of events did not match up.

"The video disputes that claim," the affidavit concludes.

Hindman was released this morning after posting a $250 bond.  The sheriff's office said this afternoon that she had been fired.