Overturned semi-truck crash damages 10 cars, sends at least one driver to hospital

An 18-wheeler left a path of destruction as it went careening off Jimmy Carter Boulevard, near Brook Hollow Parkway, in Norcross on Jan. 2.

The tractor-trailer spilled over an embankment, only coming to a halt as it toppled just feet from gas pumps.

Ten vehicles were damaged in the early morning chaos, including two stopped at a red light and eight parked at the QT, according to authorities.

Family told FOX 5 Robert Lassiter, 42, was in one of the vehicles at the red light. He had to be extracted from his car, and when you look at its damage, it's clear why.

He now faces a long road to recovery with injuries to his ribs, back, spleen and knee.

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But his father said Robert Lassiter's condition is remarkable, considering the damage to his car -- completely crumpled by the wrath of the out-of-control truck.

"How did he survive that horrific accident?" asked Kevin Lassiter. "The car was on top of another car, you couldn't even tell the make and model of his car." He said Robert Lassiter is in a lot of pain at Gwinnett Medical Center and he can barely move.

Kevin Lassiter described his son as having a tough exterior, standing at 6'8," yet a warm inside, devoting his time to caring for his mother who is battling Parkinson's Disease -- something his current condition now prevents him from tending to.

"He would help anybody," Kevin Lassiter said. "He is kind to everybody, you can trust him and depend on him."

Robert Lassiter is expected to be released from the hospital in several days, so then the family will require two caretakers. If you're interested in helping the family during this time you are asked to contact Kevin Lassiter at: kevinlassiter55@yahoo.co.uk.

As for the truck driver for BSM Logistics, Andrel Meadows faces numerous charges, including driving too fast for conditions, following to close and having an unsecured load.

Meadows wasn't even supposed to be behind the wheel that morning, according to police. His log showed he was off duty.