One arrested, one at large in DeKalb Co. Kroger shooting

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Police have made an arrest after a shootout outside a DeKalb County grocery store last week. 

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It happened outside the Kroger along Wesley Chapel Road near South Hairston Road around 4:15 p.m. Friday. 

Police said a group of people, at least one of which was armed, followed a man and woman to the parking lot, where investigators believe they planned to rob or carjack the victims. Police said one of the victims was able to shoot the suspects during an exchange of gunfire. The victim nor any innocent bystanders were hit. Various cars were seen with damage from gunshots as a result of the exchange of fire.

Over the weekend, police released the names of the two suspects they were searching for: Austin Harris, 18, and 23-year-old Andrew Banks. Both suspects are facing two counts of theft by taking and aggravated assault. 

Police said Banks has been taken into custody, while Harris remains at large. 

"It was like the Wild Wild West. I was terrified," said Angela Key, who was sitting in her car as it was struck by several bullets; one of the suspects even used her car as a shield and she ducked for cover, too, before driving away. "I'm just glad I'm safe," she said. 

Numerous witnesses said they heard gunshots and then commotion. Police said a wounded person entered into the Kroger, prompting staff to call 911.

"There was a trail of blood. He dragged himself into Kroger. It was awful, awful," one shaken customer said. 

SKYFOX 5 flew over the scene just after 4:30 p.m. Friday and spotted a large area of the parking lot in front of the Kroger and several other shops roped off with police tape.

Police transported two of the men with gunshot wounds to the hospital. One later showed up at an area hospital. All are expected to be okay.