New video shows arrest of accused serial hair store burglary crew

New video of the arrest of three alleged serial burglars from Texas who investigators say target hair stores nationwide.

Investigators tell FOX 5 the three men are a serial robbing crew from Texas.

Deputies accuse the men of breaking into the Hair Xchange, a hair store in Fayette County on Aug. 4.

Investigators say they have more information now on when the three men from Texas arrived in metro Atlanta.

Minutes after the break-in of the Fayette County store, Peachtree City Police pulled over an SUV for speeding and later learned from sheriff’s deputies that it was involved in the burglary of the Hair Xchange.

Investigators say, since the men had already hit in Doraville and Fayetteville, they were likely headed to the Newnan area for another burglary.

The owner of Hair Xchange told FOX 5’s Joi Dukes this is the second time her store has the been broken into. She says the three men from Texas stole more than $10,000 in hair and wigs.

Deputies identify the three men as Christopher Collins, Paul Smith and Frederick Wills.

The men have been charged with burglary and are currently being held in the Fayette County Jail.