New traffic citation amnesty program in DeKalb County

With his attorney at his side, Khaled Ali walked out of DeKalb County Traffic Court Wednesday evening with a huge sense of relief and even a few extra dollars in his pocket.

"I was looking at paying $1,500 to $1,600 and I saved at least $500," Ali said standing outside traffic court on Camp Circle.

Ali took advantage of the county's new traffic citation amnesty program to settle several outstanding tickets that led to the suspension of his driver’s license six years ago.

"It kind of hurt paying Uber. Now, I can just drive without having to look over my shoulder and watch at my back," he said.

DeKalb County State Court Judge Shondeana Morris presides over the traffic court. She told FOX 5's Portia Bruner her staff just sent 13,000 amnesty notices to people whose cases are now in "Failure to Appear" or FTA status.

"During this period, the courts are waiving the $50 FTA fee so that should really make a difference," said Judge Morris, who was appointed by Governor Nathan Deal four years ago.

Drivers with outstanding tickets dating back to 2010 have until May 17 to take advantage of the program that covers several traffic violations and includes citations dating back to 2010.

"It gives you an opportunity to clear up and clean up and move forward. A lot of people are affected by this and don't realize it," said Judge Morris.

The amnesty program does not cover more serious traffic violations like driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, vehicular homicide or injury by vehicle, but most of the common misdemeanor traffic violations are covered.

For more information, call 404-294-2099. You can also report to traffic court at 3630 Camp Circle in Decatur from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. You are encouraged to preregister by May 10 at http://DeKalbstatecourt.Net/ traffic-division.