New pizza, fast food scam targeting Twitter users

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Authorities are warning of a new fast food scam targeting Twitter users in Hall County.

The scam has prompted a police investigation into an identity and credit card fraud incident that occurred Tuesday at the Domino’s on Mundy Mill Road in Oakwood.

The way the scam works, according to the Oakwood Police Department, a scam artist, posing as a Domino’s Pizza employee on Twitter, offers people discount prices for pizza and food items from Domino’s. The suspect then asks the unsuspecting person to transfer payment via PayPal. In one reported example, the scammer offered $52 worth of pizza for only $10 bucks, police said.

Once the scammer obtains the person's personal information, they log into Domino’s’ website and places a pizza order using the person's name and contact information, and pays with stolen credit cards, police said.

As a result, police say, the suspect makes a $10 profit and leaves the unsuspecting person at risk of being arrested and charged with identify theft, credit card fraud and theft by deception for accepting the delivery of Domino’s food without paying for it.

The scam artist, who has posted a Domino’s logo on his Twitter profile, also offers discount prices for Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Chipotle and Wing Stop.