Neighbors Unite to Nab Burglars

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It is a case of neighbors helping neighbors. A community came together to nab three burglars and put them behind bars.

“Thank you for being a good community and coming together to help each other out. And I hope that I can do the same for them one day,” said homeowner Samantha Mirabal.

Words alone can't express how grateful Mirabal is to her neighbors and the community she lives in off Bethany Road. She told FOX 5 News that while they were out visiting a church Wednesday evening, as police said 19-year-old Arian Clemens, 18-year-old McCamon, and a 16-year-old juvenile, whose name has not yet been released, broke into the home.

Mirabal said they came through her 17-year-old daughter's back bedroom window.

“As soon as I pulled out of my driveway, there was one of our neighbor's daughters walking down the road. And she saw some men that pulled up into our driveway. And were knocking on our door. And she was watching them,” said Mirabal. “And then when they figured out that there was nobody home, no one answered the door, they went around to the back of our house and she heard the glass smashing.”

That little girl then alerted another neighbor. Not only did she call the police, she came out into her yard and told them

“They were doing this in the middle of broad daylight, opened our garage, carrying our TV out,” said Mirabal.

She said a neighbor followed the getaway car until deputies caught up with the suspects.

“You're going to deal with crime anywhere you go, but if you can find the neighborhood where the community is willing to pull together, and as one of my neighbors said, especially whenever it's a neighborhood that has children, you just have found one of the best places to live,” said Mirabal.