Neighbors on alert after someone with a BB gun has been shooting out car windows

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Neighbors are on edge and Fairburn Police are telling people to be on alert after dozens of car window where shot out in the middle of the night. 

Some residents in the Milam Manor neighborhood say for weeks someone has been driving around with a BB gun shooting out car windows. But, this past week, close to a dozen cars were hit. 

"They said all the cars that were out and visible were shot, at least twenty, in one neighborhood in one night," said Gretchen Perkins. 

Perkins said a car belonging to her father was parked in front of the house. He walked out to find his window shattered.  

Police say they've had reports from residents in several neighborhoods reporting their windows had been shot out. 

Nothing is being taken from the cars and no one has been hurt, but residents say it needs to stop. 

"They hit my momma's friend's car, her car might be next, my I'm definitely looking out," said Quin Freeman.

Many residents are on the lookout because they say it's been going on far too long and they're fed up. 

"It's just frustrating having to spend money unnecessarily," said Perkins. 

Police say they've been stepping up patrols in the area.

Anyone who and ask anyone who sees anything suspicious should call the Fairburn Police department.