Nearly 2 dozen in East Point survive toppled tree

Nearly two dozen people are out of a home after strong wings and wet terrain caused a tree to topple onto the garden court apartments in East point Thursday.

There are no reports of injuries, and the Red Cross is working to help victims get back on their feet.

“I have to scrape hard for what I have to replace things,” Vanessa Wilson said. “I work hard for what I have and it hurts,” she said.

Vanessa Wilson was busy working as a dental hygienist in Douglasville when she got a call that uprooted everything she’s worked for.

“It almost feels like I’ve got to start over,” she told FOX 5’s Alex Whittler.

Wilson is one of 22 people who are now living in limbo because a massive tree toppled during ‪Thursday’s morning storms.

When Wilson arrived, she had just minutes to gather what she could because the building was deemed unsafe.

“I can’t even go get my granddaddy’s ashes,” she said.


During the short time spent sitting through salvageable items, Wilson said a pipe burst, soaking much of her apartment.

“I’ve just got to keep moving,” she said.

The uncertainty lasted well into the evening, as those who live here waited for housing assistance from the Red Cross.

The property managers too were hard at work, well past normal business hours, trying to find a sense of normalcy.

“I cried,” Wilson said. “But it’s life.”

Despite Mother Nature forcing droves of people from their homes, neighbors say they’re thankful the tree is the only thing that didn’t survive the fall.

Wilson said it’s a miracle most people weren’t home at the time of the storm.

“[Safety] was my main concern. The kids and my grandmother,” Wilson said.

Some people on the property brought up concerns about other trees in the area, saying they haven’t been tended to properly.

FOX 5’s Alex Whittler spoke to the manager who did not want to speak on camera, but did say “that’s not true.” Management told FOX 5 they’ll provide a written statement.