Mother still search for answers 3 years after son's murder

Three years after Cody Lane Bryant was fatally shot in his own bed, his mother is still desperate for answers and justice.

“No person deserves to be done like this in bed, while they're asleep. I’m full of anger because he had a good heart,” said Beverly Collum.

It was February 10, 2014. Bryant was asleep in his bed in his father’s home on Ivey Gullege Road in Paulding County. According to investigators, someone entered the rural home near Dallas and shot the 20-year-old man in the early hours of the day. His mother said a relative discovered his lifeless body in bed in the afternoon, but no one else was home at the time of the shooting and without a description, the gunman has evaded arrest for three years.

“I’m having to sit back and wait. I don’t want to wait. I want this to be solved. We need closure,” said Collum.

A spokesman for the Paulding County Sheriff's Office told FOX 5’s Portia Bruner the case is still a priority.

“Our investigators are still working some leads, but just need some solid tips from the public,” said Sgt. Ashley Henson.

For Cody’s mother, those tips can’t come soon enough.

“There’s somebody who’s got to be talking about it after all this time. I just hope that God speaks to them and they’ll say something to somebody,” Collum said.

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