Mother seeks answers in drowning death of son

It has been six days since a 10-year-old Clayton County boy died from injuries suffered when he was in a swimming pool at a downtown hotel.

Stephen Akinlabi attended a birthday party with five other children. They were supposed to be supervised by two adults, according the Stephen's mother.

Camecia Akinlabi says her boy was able to swim. She does not know how he wound up in the bottom of the pool. The police report indicated that he may have been there for an unknown period of time given his physical description when found.

Yet, police have no open investigation. The matter regarded as an accident.

The mother and her attorney say they need to hear from the hotel management. However, no staff and no lifeguard are required to be on site, as signage indicates anyone may swim but at his or her own risk.

It appears the answers the mother is seeking is going to have to come from private sources -- the party attendees in and around the pool.