More than a dozen shots fired at home in southwest Atlanta

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The calm of a weekday morning shattered by gunfire.

A resident in the Baker Hills community in Atlanta had been asleep.

Scared out of her wits, she started crawling on the floor to check on four family members.

The rapid spray of shots came from two men who calmly got out of a car turned and fired at least 15 rounds. That was the evidence police were able to find.

The incident was captured on a doorbell camera.

The homeowner has a theory. She believes an unidentified father in the neighborhood sent the gunmen to her residence to scare her teen son. The reason, she says, is because the son had befriended the father's child -- a girl -- who is too young to be dating.

The homeowner says she received a threat. But the mother and grandmother say the two children were only friends.

The images from the violent incident show significant property damage inside and outside the home, as well as shattered vehicle glass.

Police have little to go on -- a vague description of a getaway car.