Monster metal plates a headache not just for drivers, but for residents

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Basketball great Shaq stands more than 7-feet-tall. Along the Peachtree corridor in Buckhead, there are two monster metal plates that have been in the road for weeks, both larger than Shaq.

It is a hazard for motorists. It’s also a noisy nuisance for residents in the pricey condos and apartments that rise above Peachtree Street.

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The city sewer staff placed the plates there follow a large sidewalk leak. There is a four-stage process to fix and then finish the repair. All the work has been done save for the asphalt topping. So those plates, which are not sealed, will remain for another two weeks.

The reason, said Lillian Govus, the city’s representative, is because there are just a couple of crews that service the entire city.

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