Mom transforms son into pint-sized Oogie Boogie ahead of Halloween: ‘He was mesmerized'

It's not even Halloween yet, but this little guy might be winning the 'best costume' award. 

A mom in Fort Hood, Texas, dressed her toddler in a homemade Oogie Boogie costume to prep for Halloween and pay homage to the Tim Burton movie "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

Madelena Weeks posted videos on Facebook of her son Benjamin dressed up as a miniature verison Oogie Boogie, and the results were adorable. The movie’s main antagonist, Oogie Boogie, is a burlap boogeyman filled with insects, spiders, and a snake.

Weeks told Storyful she’s a “big fan” of The Nightmare Before Christmas and decided to introduce it to her nearly two-year-old son recently.

Weeks said Benjamin was “really mesmerized” by the movie musical, so she wanted to dress him up as Oogie Boogie for Halloween. Weeks said she wasn’t satisfied with the costumes she found online, so she made her own-- she even sewed on colorful spiders to his lower left leg.

She said she was bringing Benjamin to New Mexico for Halloween, so she customized the outfit by lining it with fleece in anticipation of cold weather.

She plans to dress up as one of Oogie Boogie’s henchmen and turn her pug into Zero, Jack Skellington’s ghost dog in the flick.