Mom throws 'Black Panther'-inspired prom sendoff

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In Marvel's hit movie "Black Panther," the superhero said he wanted Wakanda to stop hiding and reach out to the world.

Well, looks like he's making good on his promise.

In Philadelphia, over two dozen teens headed off to prom in style with a Black Panther sendoff.

The sendoff had everything from the music, to the drums, the spears, the costumes.

It even had a real-life black panther!

Mother and businesswoman Saudi Schuler threw the party.

She said teens wrote essays explaining why she should throw them the big prom sendoff.

"These kids have good grades, some of them went through struggles. Some are rich, some are poor, but they all went through some stuff," Schuler said. "The peer pressure, the things they gotta go through at home."  

The event was pricey, but the mom says friends and the community pitched in to lighten the load of the hefty price tag.